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IDEALIST Newsletter nº2 released

Second Idealist newsletter “What has already been accomplished in IDEALIST?

IDEALIST’s publications at ECOC 2014 in Cannes, France, exceed all original expectations

Multiple technical contributions, both regular papers and posters, supported by IDEALIST have been presented by consortium partners at the European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) conference:

IDEALIST contributions to ECOC 2014 (in arbitrary order)

  • "On the Regenerators Usage in Cloud-Ready Elastic Optical Networks with Distance-Adaptive Modulation Formats” by R. Goścień, K. Walkowiak, M. Klinkowski.
  • "Multiflow Transponders for Provisioning of Asymmetric Traffic in Elastic Optical Networks with Dedicated Path Protection” by K. Walkowiak, M. Klinkowski, R. Goścień, A. Kasprzak
  • "On the Benefits of Differentiating the Filter Configurations in Flexi-grid Optical Networks” by A. Castro, F. Cugini, L. Velasco, P. Castoldi
  • "Regenerator Placement in Code-Rate-Adaptive Flexi-Grid Networks” by I. Cerutti, F. Martinelli, N. Sambo, F. Cugini, P. Castoldi
  • "First demonstration of SDN-controlled SBVT based on multi-wavelength source with programmable and asymmetric channel spacing” by N. Sambo, G. Meloni, F. Paolucci, M. Imran, F. Fresi, F. Cugini, P. Castoldi, L. Poti
  • "CAPEX Impact of Fixed/Flex-Rate Modular Line Interfaces in Multi-Period Network Planning with Equipment Reuse” by António Eira, João Pedro, João Pires, Juan Fernández-Palacios
  • "Experimental Validation of Active Frontend - Backend Stateful PCE Operations in Flexgrid Optical Network Re-optimization” by R. Martínez, Ll. Gifre, R. Casellas, L. Velasco, R. Muñoz, R. Vilalta
  • "Experimental Assessment of Inter-datacenter Multicast Connectivity for Ethernet services in Flexgrid Networks” by Ll. Gifre, F. Paolucci, J. Marhuenda, A. Aguado, L. Velasco, F. Cugini, P. Castoldi, O. Gonzalez de Dios, L.M. Contreras, and V. López
  • "Assessment of Flexgrid Technologies in the MAN for Centralized BRAS Architecture Using S-BVT” by M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. M. Fabrega, F. J. Vilchez, K. Christodoulopoulos, E. Varvarigos, V. López, and J. P. Fernández-Palacios
  • "A Novel Compensation Method at the Receiver for Cross-Polarization Modulation Effects” by P. Layec, A. Ghazisaeidi, G. Charlet, J.-C. Antona, S. Bigo
  • "Experimental Comparison of Two 8-QAM Constellations at 200 Gb/s over Ultra Long-Haul Transmission Link” by R. Rios Muller, J. Renaudier, P. Tran, G. Charlet
  • "Non Quadrature Intensity Modulation Formats” by J.C. Antona, P. Layec, G. De Valicourt
  • "Flexible and Synthetic SDM Networks with Multi-core-Fibers Implemented by Programmable ROADMs” by A. Muhammad, G. Zervas, G. Saridis, E. H. Salas, D. Simeonidou, R. Forchheimer
  • "Interworking of GMPLS and OpenFlow Domains: Overarching Control of Flexi Grid Optical Networks” by R. Casellas, R. Muñoz, R. Martínez, R. Vilalta, L. Liu, T. Tsuritani, I. Morita
  • "Switchless Elastic Rate Node (SERANO) Architecture for Flexgrid and Elastic Rate Networks” by E. Kosmatos, T. Orphanoudakis, C. Matrakidis, A. Stavdas, A.Lord
  • "Upgrading to Low Loss ROADMs and Additional Line Amplifiers for Increased Capacity in EDFA and Raman Flexgrid Networks” by A. Mitra, A. Lord, S. Kar, P. Wright, S. Desbruslais
  • "Network optimization exploiting traffic grooming techniques under fixed and elastic spectrum allocation” by C. Matrakidis, T. Orphanoudakis, A. Stavdas, A. Lord

Idealist coordinator interview at Next!works

Idealist coordinator interview at Next!works (

Extensive IDEALIST presence at ECOC 2013

IDEALIST results on transmission, control plane and network architecture designs will be disseminated at ECOC 2013 in more than 20 papers accepted for oral presentation.

Furthermore, Idealist is also organizing a workshop on ARCHITECTURES AND CONTROL FOR ELASTIC OPTICAL NETWORKS.

Invited Talks

Title (tentative)





Juan Fernandez-Palacios

Telefonica I+D (Spain)

5 min

Will Flexgrid Networks be worth?

Akira Hirano

NTT (Japan)

20 min

Use Cases for Flexgrid networking

Andrew Lord


20 min

IP over Flexgrid control architectures

Ori Gerstel

Cisco (Israel)

20 min

Carrier SDN transport Networks

Chris Liou

Infinera (USA)

20 min

Standardization activities on Flexgrid

Adrian Farrel


20 min

Architecture on Demand

Norberto Amaya

University of Bristol (UK)

20 min

FOX-C Network Architecture

Erwan Pincemin

Orange (France)

20 min

CHRON Network Architecture

Ioannis Tomkos

AIT (Greece)

20 min

Panel Discussion



20 min


List of Idealist accepted papers for oral presentation:

  • P. Wright, M. Parker. A. Lord “Simulation Results of Shannon Entropy based Flexgrid Routing and Spectrum Assignment on a Real Network Topology”
  • A. Stavdas, C. Matrakidis, C.(T.) Politi, T. Orphanoudakis, J. Dunne “A Novel Architecture for Highly Virtualised Software-Defined Optical Clouds”
  • J. K. Fischer, S. Alreesh, R. Elschner, F. Frey, M. Nölle and C. Schubert, „Bandwidth-Variable Transceivers Based on 4D Modulation Formats for Future Flexible Networks“, invited paper
  • C. Schmidt-Langhorst, F. Frey, M. Nölle, R. Elschner, C. Meuer, P. Wilke-Berenguer and C. Schubert, „Optimization of Subcarrier Spacing of 400-Gb/s Dual-Carrier Nyquist PDM-16QAM in a Flexgrid Scenario“, paper P.5.1
  • Mayur Channegowda; Reza Nejabati; Shuping Peng; Norberto Amaya; Georgios Zervas; Yi Shu; Mehdi Rashidifard; Dimitra Simeonidou, "Design and Demonstration of Multi-Domain, Multi-Technology Software Defined Networks for High-Performance Cloud Computing Infrastructure," accepted to ECOC 2013, paper Mo.3.E.2
  • C. Dorize, Y. Pointurier, F. Vacondio, J.-C. Antona, S. Bigo “Adaptive Power Efficiency for Chromatic Dispersion Compensation”
  • R. Rios Muller, J. Renaudier, O. Bertran-Pardo, A. Ghazisaeidi, P. Tran, G. Charlet, S. Bigo “Experimental comparison between hybrid QPSK-8QAM and 4D-32SP-16QAM formats at 31.2 GBaud using Nyquist pulse shaping”
  • J. Renaudier, A. Ghazisaeidi, P. Tran, G. Charlet, S. Bigo “Experimental transmission of 175GHz spaced 1Tb/s superchannels using Flexgird Wavelength Selective Switch”
  • Bijan Rahimzadeh Rofoee, George Zervas, Yan Yan, Dimitra Simeonidou, "Dimensioning a Programmable Fixed-Grid and Flex-Grid Optical Network ", accepted to ECOC 2013
  • M. Dzanko, M.Furdek, N. Amaya, G. Zervas, B. Mikac, D. Simeonidou, "Self-healing Optical Networks with Architecture on Demand Nodes", accepted to ECOC 2013.
  • O. Gonzalez de Dios, V. López, C. Haya, C. Liou, P. Pan, G. Grammel, J. Antich, J.P. Fernández-Palacios: Traffic Engineering Database dissemination for Multi-layer SDN orchestration, in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Mo.4.E.2, Sep 2013.
  • L. Velasco, A. Asensio, J.L. Berral, A. Castro and V. López: Towards a Carrier SDN: An example for Elastic Inter-Datacenter Connectivity, in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Mo.3.E.1 , Sep 2013.
  • M. Cuaresma, F. Muñoz, S. Martinez, A. Mayoral, O. Gonzalez de Dios, V. López, J.P. Fernández-Palacios: Experimental Demonstration of H-PCE with BPG-LS in elastic optical networks, in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), We.4.E.3, Sep 2013.
  • A. Eira, J. Pedro, J. Pires, D. Fonseca, J.P. Fernández-Palacios, V. López and S. Spaelter: Defragmentation-Based Capacity Enhancement for Fixed to Flexible-Grid Migration Scenarios in DWDM Networks , in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), Th.1.E.3, Sep 2013.
  • M. Svaluto Moreolo, J. Fabrega, F. J. Vílchez, L. Nadal, V. López and G. Junyent: Experimental Validation of an Elastic Low-Complex OFDM-Based BVT for Flexi-Grid Metro Networks , in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), We.1.E.5, Sep 2013.
  • A. Castro, F. Paolucci, F. Fresi, M. Imran, B. Bhowmik, G. Berrettini, G. Meloni, A. Giorgetti, F. Cugini, L. Velasco, L. Poti, and P. Castoldi, "Experimental Demonstration of an Active Stateful PCE Performing Elastic Operations and Hitless Defragmentation,"
  • L. Velasco, A. Castro, M. Ruiz, "Solving Routing and Spectrum Allocation Related Optimization Problems," Invited tutorial in European Conference on Optical Communication (ECOC), 2013.
  • R. Muñoz, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, R. Vilalta,  Control Plane Solutions for Dynamic and Adaptive Flexi-Grid Optical Networks,
  • R. Muñoz, R. Vilalta, R. Casellas, R. Martínez, S.Frigerio, A.Lometti, “Design and Experimental Evaluation of Dynamic Inverse-Multiplexing Provisioning in GMPLS-controlled Flexi-Grid DWDM Networks with Sliceable OTN BVTs
  • R. Casellas, R. Martínez, R. Muñoz, L. Liu, T. Tsuritani, I. Morita “Dynamic Provisioning via a Stateful PCE with Instantiation Capabilities in GMPLS-Controlled Flexi-grid DWDM Networks”,
  • A. Lord “Use Cases for Flexgrid networking”. Sunday workshop on ARCHITECTURES AND CONTROL FOR ELASTIC OPTICAL NETWORKS
  • Ori Gerstel “IP over Flexgrid control architectures”. Sunday workshop on ARCHITECTURES AND CONTROL FOR ELASTIC OPTICAL NETWORKS
  • Adrian Farrel “Standardization activities on Flexgrid”. Sunday workshop on ARCHITECTURES AND CONTROL FOR ELASTIC OPTICAL NETWORKS
  • Norberto Amaya “Architecture on Demand”. Sunday workshop on ARCHITECTURES AND CONTROL FOR ELASTIC OPTICAL NETWORKS

IDEALIST Newsletter nº1 released

First Idealist newsletter “IDEALIST DISSEMINATION: Future Networks & Mobile Summit 2013



IDEALIST Booklet released

The IDEALIST Booklet has been released. Find the pdf document in IDEALIST > Press Corner >Newsletters.

Kick-Off Meeting in Madrid (19-21 November)

IDEALIST Kick-Off Meeting in Madrid (19-21 November)


The IDEALIST project to start November 1st, 2012

The IDEALIST project starts November 1st, 2012. The kick-off meeting will take place in Madrid in mid-November.